German Road Trip

In September 2021 I booked a one way flight to Frankfurt, rented a camper van from Indi Campers and set off on a euro trip from Frankfurt to Rome. My loose itinerary included climbing gyms, climbing destinations, saunas, and site seeing along the way.

My first destination after the 11.5 hour flight was Sauna Garden Röder spas. German sauna culture is a bit different than what I am used to in the US. In Germany, the saunas are all gender and nude. All the saunas I've visited in Germany contain several saunas all heated to different temperatures with different scents and themes. In the saunas, no skin touches the wood, including your feet, and everyone brings a couple towels to lay beneath them. The saunas I've visited so far this trip include the FrankenLagune Wellness-Center and AquariUSH Swimming Pool & Sauna. All the saunas have been clean, expansive, friendly, and oh so relaxing!

For my second day in Germany I did a bit of site seeing and visited the town of Würzburg. To me, this town felt like the set of a fairytale; treelined cobblestone streets, river running through the town, medieval bridge with towering statues, vineyard hills, friendly people, delicious smells, quaint buildings and cathedrals on every corner. Here I found a delicious vegetarian/gluten free cafe, Vrohstoff, and had a dreamy lunch after walking all morning through town.

After a bit of site seeing, I went to the Nuremberg climbing gym, Climbing Factory, where I just happened to arrive on the one day of the week that solo climbers gather to be paired with climbing partners.

After Nuremberg, I went to the FrankenJura climbing area to camp for a night and attempt to find some climbing partners for outdoor climbing. Sadly, I was there for a rainy day and didn't get to climb outside. So, I drove the couple hours south to Munich to climb indoors at DAV Kletter- und Boulderzentrum München-Nord, here I quickly made I friend who I spent the weekend climbing, sauna-ing, hiking, and dining with.

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